How can i give an order?
All products that you saw on the
www.uclerstore.com are selling wholesale an online.

When you login to www.uclerstorecom , you may easly see the prices and start shopping. Just click on  the model that you want to buy and see the all colors of it. You may buy desired colors of model using “Add to Cart” button. When you finished your shopping, you may click to cart icon and finalize the order.

I cant register on Uclerstore?

Uclerstore enables you to shop thousands of items across hundreds of brands with confidence and comfort. Preccess of registering is fast and easy. If you leave any problem during registering, please click on the instant messaging button to get live assistance.  

When you deliver my order to the cargo company?

In a 24hours after you gave an order, our B2B sales represents will be calling you. To get a quality service, please use your valid an e-mail and a mobile phone number while registering and giving order.
If you give an order on wekend or in a public hoiday, we will preparing your order in a first work day.

Is VAT included in price?

Our export invoices doesn’t contain any TAX. But inland sales includes additional 8% VAT

How can i track my order status?
You will be receiving an autonom email when you gave an order. On the other hand, you may see your order’s status on My Account | My Orders link. And in any case you may contact us using instant message widget from our web site.

Which cargo compay will carry my box?
While you are giving your order, you are selecting the cargo company which you want to work. If you want to desire a special cargo company please choose “My Cargo Company” option then write the details into the Cargo Note section on the checkout page.

Can i use my credit card for payment?
Uclerstore.com allows to use of Visa ve Mastercard. But you should sure to have 3D Secure system installed on your credit card, otherwise you can’t use your credit card. 3D Secure, also known as a payer authentication, is a security protocol that helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions.

I want to change my shipping and invoice addresses. How can I do this?
After you gave an order and if you want to change your shipping or invoice address, you should send an e-mail about your address changing request.