Customise a model, For your local needs and brand!

In the fashion business customer demand is always changing due to fashion trends, so to be able to manufacture and deliver products rapidly is important.

Customisation is a customer co-design process of products and services that tries to meets the needs of an individual customer’s demand for certain product features. In the fashion business this means that the customer can order a garment with a customised style, colour, size, and other personal preferences.

How UclerStore do Customisation?
We work closely with our customers. We are listening them carefuly and preparing technical documents to realize their needs on the production line.

But the first step is to prepare a production sample. Then, with the customer's approval, we start to produce his/her order.

Customisation needs very intensive working time with the customers to find out the right style for the available model.

All stages are meticulously shared with the customer and maximum effort is made to reflect the requested changes in the production process.

We are offering great customization options to our customers:

Changing the accessories
You can send us your button, zip and various accessories that printed your brand logo on them to getting change.

Changing the fabric color
You may want to order a model with a different color. In that case we are taking your approval for the yarn color and accessories color before production.

Adding or Removing some parts from the product
You may desire your product pocketless. And additional you may desire to change the zipper with buttons.

And besides all this, you may desire customized production for “Your Brand Label".

UclerStore is well developed communication skills, reliable production schedules for specific deadlines, capability of quick-responding flexible and customized orders and quick delivery times are what make us unique.

Our aim is to be the textile company which supplies the most efficient service level to its customers.